Today’s HumanFuckery: Punjab Woman Severs Husband’s Genitals Over Alleged Affair, Flushes Them Down The Toilet!!! (2/21/2018)

Genitals Chopped Off And Flushed!!!

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A woman chopped off her husband’s genitals and then disposed them in a toilet for allegedly having an extramarital affair, police said on Wednesday.

Azad Singh, a resident of Joginder Nagar in Jalandhar, was seriously injured and was fighting for his life in a local hospital, the police said.

Sukhwant Kaur took this extreme step Tuesday night when Singh was sleeping, Jalandhar assistant commissioner of police Satinder Kumar said, adding she suspected that her husband was having illicit relations with some other woman.

“The woman first hit her husband with a rod when he was sleeping which left him unconscious. Thereafter, she chopped off his private parts with a knife and then disposed them in a toilet,” the ACP said.

Singh was taken to a hospital as he was bleeding profusely, the police said, adding his condition was serious.

On a complaint of Singh’s father, a case under relevant section of the IPC has been registered against the woman.

The couple has two children.

Yes cheating is WRONG but did this man deserve this??

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