Today’s HumanFuckery: Rikers Island Inmate Rips Out His Own Eyeball In Front Of Stunned Correction Officers!! (4/13/2020)

Not Actual Eye Ball… This Is A Stock Image Of A Fake Eyeball!!

Inmate Rips Out Own Eye!!!

Excerpt From Article:

The inmate, who was housed at the Anna M. Kross Center, ripped out his left eye as a group of horrified correction officers screamed at him to stop, sources said.

They rushed in to grab his upper body, held him on a gurney, and guided him to the prison clinic for mental health observation, sources said.

The inmate, still had his eye attached by his optic nerve, and doctors were able to put it back in, one source said. But he somehow grabbed an item, possibly a plastic spoon, and ripped the eye out again, the source said.


Well fuck… At least he didn’t pull his eyeball out and then eat it (view the see also link below)!! We at wish this man a speedy recovery, we wish you the best in your quest to find sanity because it seems as if you’ve totally lost it!!

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