Today’s HumanFuckery: Say Cheese!!! Cop Poses With Man’s Ass After Finding 200 Meth Tablets In His Ass!!! (1/22/2018)

200 Meth Tablets Found In Man’s Ass

Excerpt From Article:

Following a tip, police in northern Phayao province searched a local man and found over 200 methamphetamine tablets (yaba) hidden in his rectum.

After conducting a standard body search on Pattapong Chaimongkol, 27, police did not find anything, but after the man continued to act suspicious, police asked him to pull down his underwear.

They found a blue plastic bag stuffed in his bum. Inside were a total of 203 yaba tablets.

Gotta love people attempting to conceal things in their asses.. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone attempting to hide meth or other objects in their orifices….

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