Today’s HumanFuckery: Substitute Math Teacher Creates “Fight Club” During School Hours!!! (4/14/2018)

Substitute Teacher Starts Fight Club During Math Class???

Excerpt From Article:

Montville police began investigating reports of a “fight club” at Montville High in December, state police said. They learned that the fights happened in a classroom under the supervision of a substitute math teacher, Fish, and that four boys, ranging in age from 14 to 16, were involved, police said.

In interviews with police, Fish said that the fights started in September, and that he thinks there were four, according to the warrant for his arrest. Police said they have evidence — students’ cellphone videos — of two.

“I would let them be teenagers and get their energy out,” Fish told investigators, according to the warrant. He added, “I will admit that I did at one point egg them on.”

The boys who squared off seemed to be unevenly matched, police said, with one much smaller than the other. Some of the boys involved were not students in Fish’s math class, the warrant says.

According to the warrant, a social worker and juvenile court liaison with the state Department of Children and Families alerted police on Dec. 14 to a student who showed up in court with “real and identifiable symptoms of having been traumatized.”

The boy, whom police called Victim 1, reported that he had been robbed and beaten at Montville High by other students. He was taken to the William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich for a mental health evaluation, the warrant says.

The next day, the school resource officer talked to Assistant Principal Tatiana Patton and learned that the school system had known about a “fight club” since Oct. 10, the warrant says. Cellphone videos had surfaced of students slap-fighting each other in Fish’s math class, Patton told the officer. Patton had met with Principal Jeffrey Theodoss about the videos, and Fish was taken to Superintendent Brian Levesque, who fired him.

The student also told police that Fish told his class that he had smoked marijuana and tried other drugs, and that he let students draw pictures of male body parts on the board, the warrant says.

Another student told police that Fish “didn’t really set up the fights” but would watch, the warrant says. The student said his opponent, Victim 1, got a bloody lip in one slap-boxing match, and that Fish stopped that fight when Victim 1 stumbled, but he started it up again when the teen was able to stand, the warrant says.

According to the warrant, Fish told police the fights started out as horseplay, and that only the most recent one had gone too far.

“The truth is I’m an idiot and wanted to befriend them,” Fish, who was 22 at the time, was quoted as saying in the warrant. “I’m immature.”

So this teacher in a nutshell was a loser who created a Fight Club during school hours because he wanted to be accepted by teens??? I honestly don’t know what’s worse, this teacher wanting to be accepted and liked by teenagers or the teenagers saying “fuck it lets fight during school hours instead of doing this math homework!!”

(UPDATE 10/25/2018):This Sub Was Sentenced To Probation!!

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