Today’s HumanFuckery: Tennessee Mom Left Infant Who Drowned In Tub For ‘Me Time’!!(1/11/2020)

“Me Time”

Excerpt From Article:

A Tennessee infant left in a bathtub without supervision has died and his mother is facing an abuse charge after telling authorities she left the child to have some “me time.”

A hospital spokeswoman says the boy died Friday morning, hours after the Knox County Sheriff’s Office charged his mother with aggravated child abuse.

An arrest warrant says 32-year-old Lindsee Leonardo told police she left the boy and a 1-year-old sibling in the tub Wednesday so she could smoke a cigarette and have some “me time.”

We get there’s times you might need a minute to yourself as a parent but if you were truly seeking a quick minute of “me time” why wouldn’t you just attempt to child proof a room and enclose this infant in that room instead of choosing to leave your baby in a tub so you could get your “me time”… or… why not wait until it was nap time for this child?? Unbelievable!! We at send our condolences to the ones who love this child..

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