Today’s HumanFuckery: They Found What??? Up Where?? (8/5/2019)

Ahhhh one of our favorite categories of fuckery, people stuffing drug/drug paraphernalia in their orifices in attempt to hide them from the police.. Two stories that happened recently will be posted below, for more orifices fuckery that we’ve posted over the years feel free to check out the see also links below…

Deputies Crack Case Of Crack In Crack!!!

Excerpt From Article:

Deputies spoke to Maldonado in the 14700 block of Southwest Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive regarding earlier cases involving alleged drug sales.

After investigators read Maldonado his Miranda rights, he is accused not of cracking a joke but of disclosing the crack in his keister and pot in his sock, one of which is worn on each foot.


Woman Denied Owning Meth In Body Cavity!!

Excerpt From Article:

During a subsequent interview with cops, Rolland, seen above, reportedly confessed to swiping the money, which was recovered during a “consensual search of Rolland’s person” by a female correctional officer. The exact amount seized from Rolland was $6233.

The female jailer also discovered a “clear plastic bag containing approximately 1 gram of methamphetamine inside Rolland’s vagina.” The suspect, however, “denied ownership of the methamphetamine.”

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