Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Attempting To Kill Bed Bugs With Rubbing Alcohol Accidentally Sets Home On Fire!! (12/10/2017)

Another Failed Extermination That Ended With A House ON FIRE!!
Excerpt From Article:

Three people were taken to a hospital and 10 were displaced from the residence on Hutchins Avenue, said District 3 Fire Chief Randy Freel.

Damage was set at $250,000.

Flames broke out about midnight Friday when a woman in a first floor unit tried to kill bedbugs with alcohol that ignited near an open flame, either a candle or burning incense, he said.

Here we go again with people attempting to take matters in their own hands when it comes to exterminating pest.. Please folks if you have problems with bugs or other vermin contact an exterminator… We’re really getting tired of posting stories like this!!

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