Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Claims To Be ‘Mother Mary’ After High-Speed Chase!!! (2/12/2018)

Mother Mary Stopped After High Speed Chase!!!

Excerpt From Article:

According to the citation, Connie Lynn Allen, 52, of Goodlettsville, Ten­nessee, was observed traveling at a high rate of speed near the 92-mile marker on northbound I-65. The driver passed an unmarked KSP vehicle then cut across into the emergency lane to pass other vehicles.

The trooper began pursuing Allen in his unmarked vehicle, which was equipped with flashing blue and white lights and a siren. Allen reached speeds of 120 mph or more, according to police.

The citation says she refused to pull over or stop while driving in a dangerous manner. Another KSP trooper, in a marked cruiser, joined the pursuit near the 105-mile marker of I-65.

The troopers eventually were able to pull in front of the vehicle near the 107-mile marker, bringing her to a stop.

A trooper drew his weapon, telling Allen to show her hands. When she refused to exit the vehicle, the trooper broke the driver’s side window. Allen then exited the vehicle, according to the citation.

Allen told troopers she was en route to pick up baby Jesus and she was Mother Mary, according to police. She also said she had died six years ago and knew police were behind her, but she had authority from God to drive the way she did, the citation says.

All we wanna know is what drugs this bitch was on, we’re gonna guess she was on METH!!!!

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