Today’s HumanFuckery: Woman Opens Fire At DMV Because Line Was Moving Too Slowly!!! (7/11/2019)

Shots Fired At DMV Because Line Was Moving Slowly!!

Excerpt From Article:

Haris said Richey walked to the counter and demanded a duplicate ID, saying it was a matter of national security and the president’s life was in danger. Then she allegedly said, “What do I have to do, grab a gun?”

“I checked with the woman behind me and said, ‘Did she say what I thought she said? That doesn’t sound good,’” Hutsler said.

Hutsler said he followed Richey outside, that she grabbed a gun, fired it into an island in the parking lot and then he told her she wasn’t getting back inside. That’s when he took his truck and pulled up behind her car, boxing her in.

We at commend this man for thwarting this situation, this could have turned out a lot worse than it did…

Honestly who expects to go to the DMV and not have to wait, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll have to! Here’s a tip for you folks on your next visit to the DMV.. Before you depart to the DMV you should google the DMV you’re headed to, google will tell you what times your local DMV is usually the busiest so you can see when it’s a better opportune time to go and possibly not have a long and tedious wait..

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