Today’s HumanFuckery: Women Are Using Vick’s Vapor Rub On Their Vaginas!!! (10/25/2017)

Is Vick’s Vapor Rub A Cure All For Your Vagina?

Excerpt From Article:

Women are apparently turning to the decongestant to soothe itches, boost their sex lives and keep everything smelling minty-fresh.

Several health advice forums show women are using it as some sort of cure-all for all vaginal ills.

One woman wrote: “My vagina itches. Just the outside on the labia. They become swollen as well. When I scratch they bleed.

“I use Vicks to sooth the itch and bring down the swelling. It really helps me. Am I harming myself by using vicks?”
Honestly if your vajayjay is itching that bad and is swollen wouldn’t you consult your gynecologist ??? We’re pretty positive they can help you out!!!

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