Today’s HumanFuckery: ‘You Got My Order Wrong’: Man Arrested For Punching 2 McDonald’s Employees In The Face!! (12/5/2019)

‘You Got My Order Wrong’!

Excerpt From Article:

A court document states he then left with his food but later returned to the fast-food restaurant, walking behind the front registers into the employee area where customers are not allowed.

Castro then proceeded to assault an employee at the register with his fists, hitting the employee in the face, the probable cause statement said.

He then walked further back in the business into the kitchen area and assaulted another employee with his fists, also hitting the employee in the face, the court document states.

He was additionally heard saying, “You got my order wrong.

It’s unbelievable that grown folks do not know how to resolve a wrong fast food order without using violence… How about you ask for a manager before you freak out like this you dumbass, your problem may get resolved and we’re 1000% sure you will not end up in jail.. Fucktard

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