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‘I Didn’t See Children, I Saw Zombies,’ Said Man Accused Of Attacking Dance Troupe!

If this man is so “spooked” by zombies and such we’d suggest that this man stay indoors this weekend due to Halloween parties being thrown and also to stay indoors 8 days from now because of Halloween.. Nothing much more to say about this fuckery, this fuckery speaks for itself!!

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Minnesota Grandma Accused Of Shooting Grandson Over Tea!

Excerpt From Article:

Helen Washington, of Brooklyn Center, is accused of shooting her grandson in the thigh on Oct. 12 in the 5800 block of Camden Avenue North, according to a criminal complaint. The grandson told police that Washington had become upset with him when he repeatedly refused to keep his teacup off of her furniture, prompting her to pour out the tea and grab a .38 Special revolver.

When she returned, she found he had poured a new cup of tea into the aforementioned cup. It was then, prosecutors said, that Washington pulled out her gun and shot him in the leg. The grandson was found lying in the front yard when officers arrived at Washington’s home.

The grandson told police his grandmother was the one who had shot him. Washington was arrested, but claimed she did not think she should go to jail

We can only imagine how tense the holiday season will be in a couple of months with this family.. We at wish this man a speedy recovery!!!