Today’s Fuckery


Arkansas Woman Shot In Face With Crossbow!

It’s truly amazing this woman survived this fuckery! We at wish this woman a speedy recovery!

see also:13 Year Old In Custody For Killing 10 Year Old With Crossbow!!

Illinois Man Charged In Wife’s Hot Tub Death!

So instead of just calling 911 for help you elect to shut the lid of your hot tub while your wife was still inside? Your actions sir are the epitome of human fuckery, you deserve to spend the rest of your live behind bars for your stupidity!

North Carolina Man Robs Bank While Girlfriend Gets Her Taxes Done Across The Street!

This man was probably like “Wait hold up… We’re only getting how much back in taxes???? I’m be right back I’m hit this lick really quick because I thought we were getting more back than this!!””

You All Need To Get Out Of Here Because I’m Fixin’ To Blow It Up.” Mistaken As Bombthreat In Home Depot Bathroom!

A few months back a man made a similar type “threat” in a restaurant but in that case this man wasn’t in a bathroom so that man was arrested.. This incident of fuckery is just down right hilarious because this man was just trying to warn folks it was gonna get ugly!!